We Are Looking for Volunteers

Important to Know

Would you like to volunteer in Aung Myae oo, a school for orphans and poor children in Myanmar, as a teacher or nurse? We are looking for committed people who want to dedicate some of their time to the teaching or nursing of the children of Aung Myae oo.

Before applying for such a job, read the following information carefully and decide for yourself whether Aung Myae oo might be the right place for you:

Aung Myae oo is a Buddhist school belonging to a monastery – which means that it is a religious school based on clear Buddhist religious guidelines that must be followed. So far the children and teenagers at the school have had only little contact with (western) tourists. They are from extremely poor families and are not used to our “western” ways. Things that we consider self-evident, are completely foreign to them. Thus sensitivity, tact and diplomacy are of utmost importance.


  • You should be able to work at Aung Myae oo for at least 2 weeks. Shorter stays do not make sense.
  • You should be a down-to-earth person and to be able to live under very modest conditions.
  • Neither smoking nor drinking alcohol will be permitted during your stay at Aung Myae oo.
  • Having some teaching experience would be very helpful. There is only little material and equipment to help you with your teaching. Local teachers and students speak only little English.
  • As already mentioned, you should be a “down-to-earth” person with strength of character. It would be ideal if you and your partner shared the job. Flirting or closer relationships with local teachers and/ or students are absolutely taboo!
  • You should be prepared and willing to gain an insight into and an understanding of an exciting culture and its people.

Working for food and accommodation

 Your duties:

  • You will be working for about five hours daily.
  • Teaching English. Everybody at Aung Myae oo wants to study English. You can teach whole classes or single people according to your own abilities. One important point will be the teaching of a good pronunciation of English because most students and pupils have strong accents.
  • If you are a medical student, a doctor or a nurse, you can provide a lot of help to the children and adults at the school. A lot of them have dermatological and other health problems.
  • There are also tourists/ guests who visit the school on a regular basis. If you have enough time, you can guide them through the school and explain to them the lives and habits of the people there.


  • You will live in very basic lodgings on the school compound itself and get enough food.
  • You will be met by a representative of the school in Mandalay or at Mandalay airport. For a stay in Mandalay we recommend the E.T. Hotel, 83 Street, between 24/25 Street, Mandalay, Myanmar. Email: ethotel129a@gmail.com, phone: 02 65006.
  • You will get an advisor who speaks some English and who will support you and be responsible for you.

Also important to know:

Malaria and Dengue fever are endemic in Myanmar: Mosquito repellent (24 hours) is of utmost importance!


If you are interested in working for Aung Myae oo, please apply for a stay there directly at: myatsoeoo@icloud.com