about the school


DSC_7173Aung Myae Oo is a school for poor children and orphans in Sagaing Hill / Myanmar. The school was founded in 2003 by the Buddhist monk Ven. Vilasa („Ponchi“). Since then, it has grown steadily. In the first year, 31 children attended the school. Today, only 11 years later, there are over 2350.

The children are either accommodated in the school compound itself or in surrounding monasteries. The overwhelming majority are young novices and nuns who are educated according to Buddhist traditions and values. Tuition is free for all students. The school is entirely funded by donation.


1. To provide education for all children, especially for those who cannot afford to go to school.

2. To train students in moral education in addition to a modern education system.

3. To implant a sense of responsibility for their nation, culture and religion into the mind of the younger generation.



The school is located on Punnyashin Road in Thawtapan Quarter, Sagaing. It’s noticeable neighbours are the Buddha and the Cultural Museum, the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy and the Sitagu Ayudina Hospital.

Etablishment oft the school

The school was etablished by Ven. Vilasa (a Buddhist Monk) in 2003. In the beginning years, he taught together with two other monks primary school. Later, the school was officially recognized as No. 23 Aung Myae Oo Monastic Education Scool.


Basically the school began with the sense of responsibility when the founder noticed a need of education for children of poor families. Some local children, children from villages and from remote areas are accommodated at the school and their basic needs are supported by the school. The school began with primary teaching, but has been promoted to secondary and high school level. The main purpose oft he school’s establishment is not only to give children a modern education but also tot train them in moral education.

Activities at present

Due to an increasing number of students, the school has a big lack of facilities: The most urgent are a new school building as well as a accommodation for teachers and students. A big issue is also the water supply which has to be improved urgently.

The school is totally based on donation. Therefore it is important to have generous support from you for the survival of the school.



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