Donations for Aung Myae Oo are gratefully collected by HEFT Foundation (see ) and passed onto the school without any deductions.

Bank details

Raiffeisenbank Gossau, 9200 Gossau (Switzerland)

IBAN CH6481271000055432351 / SWIFT: RAIFCH22C71

Account holder: Heft Foundation

Donations directly to Aung Myae Oo:

Bank details

CB Bank Sagaing, Myanmar / Swift CPOBMMMY

Account number: 0005101200000159
Account holder: Ashin Vilasa / Aung Myae Oo Monastic Education School


What will the donated money be used for?

First and foremost, the following costs have to be covered:

  • Salaries for teachers
  • Electricity and water
  • Furniture and teaching material
  • Food and clothes for the students
  • Health care for students and for teachers

For the future, the school is saving money for the following projects:

  • A new school building as well as a dormitory for the students and for teachers.
  • Adequate water supply of clean tap water to improve the hygienic conditions
  • A children’s playground

It is particularly important that the school has enough money to pay the salaries for the teachers. With up to 80 students, the classes are far too large! There is a huge shortage of classrooms, teachers, school supplies and a suitable infrastructure.

Why donate?

Aung Myae Oo is entirely financed by donation funds. Were it not for this school, 2350 children could not attend classes and would miss out on the opportunities for a better future. Many of the children would also be homeless.

The school offers serious and selfless work, according to the Buddhist tradition. It is very well known for its invaluable work – far beyond the borders of Mandalay.

What to donate?

At present, the school does not have any postal address. And the post offices in Myanmar are unfortunately not reliable enough. What is most needed right now, are donations for the running costs of the school and for future projects. Besides, this allows the school to buy what they need at local stores (and thus also support local trade).

Toys, school supplies, etc., are urgently needed – but it is not (yet) the right time to send any teaching materials etc.DSC_7373


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